January 21, 2014

New In:
Rosegal - Gems ♥

You might have noticed that there's been some major changes around my blog during past few months. 
Well I like to adjust bits and pieces every once in a while, whenever I get bored of something here. 
But now I've been updating both the visual appearance and sponsors of my blog almost completely. There's still both international and Finnish ads, all reflecting my personal taste and showcasing some of my own favourite shops (plus magazines I love to read, those ads and special deals are Finnish). I've also tried to add my favourite blogs among them under "Inspiration"-headline, but those aren't nearly the only ones I love. There's just too many blogs I follow that my whole sidebar would be full of them, or whole site really :D Anyway, I really hope there's at least some intriguing enough for you to make a visit, since these all really wonderful sites and stores!

Few of my sponsors are product review -kind of sponsorships, just like the one I'm featuring today. 
I was contacted by a really lovely online shop Rosegal last month, and this weekend I got my pretty little package♥ I know what you think - this girl has plenty of jewelry already. I just couldn't resist these two beauties since I adore all things deer and my newest passion is statement necklaces.

Full name: Romantic Faux Crystal Leaf Embellished Light-Colored Faux Gemstone Alloy Necklace

 Retro Elk Shape Alloy Necklace

I got a little carried away with taking photos of myself hahaha. FINALLY there's been light, and I was able to take tons of photos today. Then I couldn't decide which to keep and publish .. So here's a whole bunch! 

The romantic necklace is shown with two different tops, first with burgundy lace blouse (KappAhl) 
and at end of the post you'll find photos of it with grey wrap dress (new, H&M sale).
So roll down and let me know what you think of these pieces ..and my new hair ;)



"Merci" sweater - Lindex

Noticed my hair? Yeah I put some highlights and now it's kind of ginger light brown. I do love it, with highlight here and there, but I will have to dye it again this week since my natural colour (uggly brownish grey = normal Finnish shade) is starting to show .. How come my hair wont seem a lot longer too? :D
 Hopefully I'll manage to achieve some lovely ombré - look to it, with brown and blonde shades.


In these photos my hair looks the closest to natural as I could show you. :)

Make up of today has been just this, one of my new Calvin Klein lipsticks "Cosmopolitan", and some pink blush on the cheeks. This is a really delicious raspberry pink shade, and feels very lovely and creamy on the lips - quite kiss-proof too :P Although I would add Lipcote or some other product (like loose powder or something) to make it more smudge proof throughout the day / night.

from Fragrance Direct


  1. Replies
    1. Thank you Jan! :) I do love them both. ^^

  2. Ahh. I've seen the gem and rhinestone statement necklace around and on some international sites (mostly China) for really low prices. They're almost exact replicas of J.Crew's statement necklace, though, so I don't know how I feel about that. Can't deny that the necklaces look gorgeous...oh and you look lovely with the lipstick. :)

    Sincerely, Christine from Invisible Blush

    1. Thank you for this info dear!
      I see many of high street shops selling similar or exactly the same designs as seen on eBay AND luxury brands. It feels so weird that it's even possible, and how come there isn't anyone detecting these "replicas" - if they are fakes.. I even noticed one older design, that used to be available at J.Crew, on sale at my workplace which is Swedish family business/retail chain. If I was absolutely sure that the design is original design by some famous fashion house I wouldn't wear or buy it, I don't want to be part of replica business. At the moment I feel like these are all from the same factory in China so why not get it for yourself with 10% of someone elses price. (J.Crew around 150 - 200 euros.) But, we can't possibly know for sure unless contact J.Crew or any other store, I guess. And even then they could lie that this is created from their own imagination. :D ..Tricky business this fashion world. :)

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    1. Thank you so much Avy :) I must dye it again soon but it's starting to look exactly like in my dreams ;>

  4. Replies
    1. Oh thank you Adeola Naomi! :) I don't wear lipsticks a lot since they don't stay well (without Lipcote-product;) but this was really lovely and stayed on nicely.

  5. The one with the deer is adorable!!!!


  6. Looking real nice. The necklace is absolutely ravishing

    1. Thank you so much! :) I do love it a lot.

  7. These pieces are so stunning, I love the second one the most!! You look gorgeous doll, really wonderful xx

    1. Thank you dear :) It's a truly adorable piece, I think. And I love simply anything with a deer :D x

  8. I just adore your new gems and you are just resplendent as always! I love how accessories can really liven an outfit and I think you have executed them to perfection - matching a little something glamorous with a casual outfit. Just exquisite, exactly how I would have worn them!! :)

    Hope your side of the world is warm, and if not, sending some Aussie sunshine your way. ;)

    <3 Mandy xx

    1. Oh dear <3 Thank you Mandy. You're making me blush. x
      I do love combining statement jewelry with casual outfits, that way the jewel itself stands out and is sort of placed on pedestal. And especially with this post, those two necklaces were the main subject. ^^

  9. oh, this deer necklace is familiar to me. I was choosing between this and some other pieces some time ago on another site (not Rosegal, I didn't know that store). anyway, since I didn't pick it I'm happy to see it on you. and it looks very "you", to be honest. still, I'm loving the other necklace even more. it looks so stunning next to that burgundy lace top. an absolutely wonderful combo. oh and your hair is pretty and it reminds me I also wanted to change something but at the same time I don't want to colour them so I'm kind of clueless, to be honest, haha.

    Maikeni blogi - part of me

    1. Thank you so much for the comment, Maiken! :) At Rosegal this is sold with a really cheap price if you ever have a chance to order from them. I actually have similar but smaller necklace from Glitter, but it doesn't have those side "curls" :D And it's much shorter too. So completely different design, heh.

      I know the deal, I'd love to make radical changes but then might regret .. I'm used to dying my hair so this seemed like the perfect compromise, and I've been growing my hair for so long that didn't want to chop it :P

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    1. Thank you so much Rosalinda! :) I think so too. x

  11. These necklaces are beautiful. And you look amazing in your pictures.

    Tracy @ Sunny Days and Starry Nights

    1. Thank you Tracy! :) I'm so into statement pieces so absolutely in love with both.